Resisting Winter

Resisting Winter





Resisting Winter

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โ€œXu Hui, Xu like promised, Hui like brilliant glow. What about you?โ€โ€œBai Lu.โ€ (Literally translated White Jade but a homonym of White Egret)โ€œOh, like โ€˜A flock of egrets in the sky?โ€™โ€Bai Lu smiled.Lu (Jade) and Lu (Egret), she and him are like this one word difference.The beginning is not great. When they first met, he was lonely, jealous, and escaping from everything, as if the whole world was his enemy.She was quiet, petite, wearing glasses, had thin eyebrows, and her presence was faint.She was different from the other girls who always approached him. She was silent and indifferent. It was as if she didnโ€™t exist, yet there were traces of her everywhere.Bai Lu calculated every step she took, carefully in control of the pace. Neither hot nor cold. Like a shadow. ย She said: โ€œYou knew that you are different.โ€Xu Hui smiled humorlessly, his body shifting. He sat up straight. The smile on his face had not dissipated. He said nonchalantly, โ€œHow so? Do I have two heads?โ€Bai Luโ€™s voice fell lightly on Xu Huiโ€™s lashes, โ€œYou know that itโ€™s so easy for people to fall for you.โ€Xu Hui froze.


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