Start With Contracting Sprites

Start With Contracting Sprites





Start With Contracting Sprites

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Under the protection of the Analogous Department, the world has regained its peace for many years. More evil anomalies have been up to no good lately and the Analogous Department is on its mission to eliminate them.Zhou Kai, a child who didnโ€™t receive love from either of his parents, doesnโ€™t have any expectations in life.One day, he finds himself becoming stronger when he gets attacked by evil spirits or evil anomalies. He also signs a soul contract with Little Leopard Cat, a leopard cat spirit.Due to his outstanding abilities, he gets offered a position in the Analogous Department of the Anyang branch.As he goes on his mission to eliminate evil spirits and evil anomalies, what powers can he get and how strong will he become? Will there ever be peace


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