Surviving As An Obsessive Servant

Surviving As An Obsessive Servant







Surviving As An Obsessive Servant

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The third time to die after suffering from the same rare disease in the BL novel.She can’t die in vain like this anymore.So, special measures were taken.‘Let’s put a spoon on the well-prepared medicine table!’Young master, I won’t miss a single drop of medicine and a breath!She disguised herself as a servant and tried to serve the sick Young Master.It couldn’t get any better than this that even the power of the spirits from his breath heals me!But it was not easy to do that—.“Get out! Get out!—I’m sick of everything now!!!—Wait. What are you doing on your knees now?”“Master, if you’re going to throw it away, please put it in my mouth.”I was embarrassed and told him this while trying to stop him from turning his arm around and throwing a medicine bottle.“I don’t care if you spray it on my face—”The Young Master’s pupils were wildly changing at the time.******I’m a woman who does what I have to do.As much as possible, I took good care of my master, who is my lifesaver.As well as serving, I gave hugs, carried him, and became his legs and walked around everywhere.Did he recognize my true value as the heir to a venerable Duke?The master looked at me tiredly from time to time, but he did not kick me out.Now, you must have recovered, and you must have paid your kindness.When I was slowly trying to escape—.—The Young Master has become weird.“Where are you trying to run away when you like me so much?”“…..”“You said you’d die without me.”Suddenly, he had the face of a hungry predator.[The female lead who suddenly became obsessive X the male lead who grows obsessed after learning from such a female lead]


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