The Achievement Junkie

The Achievement Junkie







The Achievement Junkie

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“Bowzer, we’ll stop here for the night.””But I can keep going!” Bowzer insisted. ‘Don’t we need to–“”Bowzer, we’ll need our rest before we reach the Fissured Mountains. You’ve never been there, so I’ll tell you about my past experiences there.””Hey, Jack, how come you’ve been everywhere but you’re so low-leveled? Is it because you were an ancient hero before?” Bowzer tilted his head, anxious for an answer.”Yeah, that’s why. I thought you knew that already?””I do. But weren’t you also really high-leveled then? Why aren’t you that high-leveled like before?”Jack pondered the question for a moment till he smiled. “I don’t know.”—–As an avid player of the world’s largest MMORPG, Jack was dubbed the “Achievement Junkie” by fellow players. After completing all possible achievements he earned an unlikely quest. The quest offered a chance to escape reality and, just as it said, Jack was pulled into another world the moment he accepted it.Now living in Kartonia, the world he had fallen in love with in-game, Jack must start from lv. 1 with a brand new class and subclass he had never seen before. And though his gamer knowledge is still useful, he quickly discovers that the current time in Kartonia is over 1000 years after anything he had witnessed in-game.Armed with what the locals call ancient knowledge, Jack must work to level up and uncover the secrets of the apocalyptic Godly War that he missed and keep it from happening again.It’s a journey of a know-it-all solo gamer who discovers how to form relationships and is encouraged by his new system to form a party in order to grow. With Bowzer, his Hell-flame Fox companion, and so many more additions, Jack must grow to rival the two warring pantheons with the support of the neutral pantheon. Can he achieve such a feat?


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