The Alchemists

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The Alchemists

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A really wealthy, super handsome and mysterious man said that he is a 438 years old immortal who fell head over heels for me on our first meeting?Ha ha… he must be joking, right? Does he think I’m dumb?Err… maybe I drank too much wine so I’m hearing things…VOLUME 1:Finland is the loneliest girl in the world, who must brave the tough life in Singapore alone after graduating from the university with a scholarship. She grew up as a poor orphan in on the outskirts of Jakarta and was always bullied by rich girls at her school because of her beauty and her pauperism. She is intelligent, hard-working, love money, and stingy. She only thinks about how she could make money, how not to lose money, and how to make more money. She has her priorities (i.e. herself) and will not let love cloud her judgment.By accident, Finland bumped into Caspar, a second generation alchemist who had lived for 450 years and was actually immortal. Caspar has accumulated wealth, knowledge, and perfection in his (really long) life. He never fell in love and changed girlfriends once a month, until finally karma gets to him when he met the only girl who couldn’t care less about his good looks and massive wealth, and in turn made him fall hopelessly in love.As an immortal who is forever young and surrounded by perfection, Caspar found it difficult to act like a normal human to express his love for this commoner girl. Witness his over the top but heartwarming efforts to woo the girl and makes her accept his love.#modernfantasy #immortalmortals*************[Oh my God. Caspar…] Finland was at a loss for words. [You once bought all the flowers in Singapore to apologize. Can you imagine the excitement of that time? My company was fined by department of environment because the whole sidewalk was decorated with flower boards. You don’t mean to get the Schneider Group fined either, do you?] replied Finland.[No, don’t worry. It’s winter, so there aren’t many flowers sold in New York. I can only buy this much.] Caspar’s reply came.Gosh, thought Finland exasperatedly. This meant that if it were spring or summer and there were a lot of flowers in supply in New York, maybe Caspar would have bought even more.This man… it was hard for him to live like a normal person.Inwardly Finland felt sorry for the other couples in New York who were forced to celebrate Valentine’s Day without flowers, because everything was bought by her husband.************Cover is mine, by Same van RijnSee the novel visuals in Instagram @casparthealchemistIf you wish to donate: Paypal tomissrealitybites@gmail.comEditor: L_Sluggy, FallenBlue


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