The Lazy Young Master

48 Twilight City

The beast looked all around but was not able to feel any presence of Tian, it kept searching for him but sensing that there were no signs of him, it left the area. Anyone above Energy Advancement realm could feel the power level of those in the same realm and those below their realms. When the beast tried to search for Tian, it didn’t feel any Earth Realm aura in the surroundings, so it assumed that Tian got disintegrated with its attack.

The forest turned silent, no other beast dares to come near this place after they heard the blasts from a sky realm beast. In the silent forest, a hand suddenly popped out of the ground. Like a zombie crawling out of its grave, Tian came out from the ground.

Just before the blast hit him, Tian escaped by performing his foot step technique and then dug straight into the ground. Tian was a unique cultivator, as he was someone who cultivates using his meridians and because of that he was able to lock his aura by sealing his meridians temporarily.

His entire body was covered with dirt, ‘puh puh…..that damn pig! I’ll roast you the next time I see you’, he cleaned himself and took out a recovery potion to heal himself. He didn’t stop this time and kept travelling towards Twilight city without a break. He made sure to hide his aura and presence to not get into any trouble again.

On his journey, he saw a huge bird that looked like a phoenix brawling with a demonic python. He was not able to fathom their cultivation levels, every single move of theirs was enough to crush mountains into dust. He finally understood why this forest was labelled as one of the most dangerous places to venture, even someone in Spirit Master Realm will have trouble surviving in this forest.

Tian considered himself to be lucky, as he didn’t face any beasts on his way and was able to reach the city safely by the next day. When he reached the city, all he could see were the massive and marvellous city walls. He was not able to find any way to enter the city, there wasn’t even a small gap for a mosquito to enter. He’ll not be able to break the walls even if he used his full powers.

A guard stood atop the city walls, monitoring the perimeter and saw someone coming out of the forest. At first, he thought it was a beast but looking through his monitoring screen he found that it was a human and a kid at that. Never in his life did he imagine anyone coming out of that dangerous forest, ‘This kid is not normal’. He decided to reach him and instantly took his hover board and jumped down the massive wall.

When Tian noticed that someone was coming towards him from the top of the wall, he moved a few steps back. The guard landed on the ground and got off the hover board, “Sir, may I know who you are and what you are doing here?”

Tian took out his id and passed it to the guard, Tian was really surprised to find an Advanced Earth realm expert was kept as a guard in this city. If it was in Huang city, he could easily become an elder in the top clans there.

After verifying his ID, the guard was really surprised to find that Tian was a student attending the Academy Entrance Test. When Tian told how he was left out while he was sleeping and how he had to travel from the middle of forest to the city, the guard felt shock upon shock.

He had never in his damn life seen a person sleep when he’s travelling to his Academy test and how in the hell did this kid survived the dangerous forest was another thing to think about. He finally decided to let him into the city and took him on his hover board to the other side of city walls.

The walls were as high as 100m tall and wide enough for two buses to travel side-by-side, the view of the city from the top of the walls made Tian amazed. It was a massive city with towering buildings and flying shuttles and hover cars flying all around the city. He even saw many sky realm experts flying from one place to another.

Tian bid farewell to the guard after getting off the wall and headed towards the Test centre. The city was filled with many people that were either attending the Test or came here to watch the process and find out the candidates that will make through it.

After reaching the Test centre, Tian registered himself and took off to the arena. The instructions for the test would be provided once everyone reaches there. The test was going to start in few more hours, so everyone started to gather in the arena.

Tian sensed a murderous aura locking onto him, he turned around and saw Cheng Lu staring at him with a vicious gaze. Cheng Lu has already broken through into Primary Earth Realm, looks like the Cheng Clan didn’t spare any resources to help in his breakthrough.

After a while, a massive projection of an elder appeared. The elder had red hair, smiling with his teeth wide and with a body like that of a machoism, “Hahaha…..Looks like there are a lot of participants this time. Well we’ll just have to cut the numbers by chopping at them. Hehehe…So lets get started kids!”

Suddenly the floor they were on started shacking violently, the entire floor began to float and started flying up into the air. Below the floor was actually a large flying drone that lifted the entire floor, thousands of students tried to control themselves as they were tumbling on the drone. Some of them who were near the edges started to fall off the drone, they were about to fall to their deaths on the ground below then suddenly a shield covered their entire bodies and protected them from any harm.

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“Why does it have to be him! Were the elders of Military Academy out of their mind? Don’t they remember how Dong Jun conducted his test 4 years ago? If this goes on, there wouldn’t even be 10% of the students left after the qualifying test!”

The top three academies took turns while conducting the Entrance tests, each time an elder from those academies will be conducting and overseeing the test. Dong Jun, an elder from Military Academy had a very bad reputation for conducting the tests in the most horrifying ways. Most of the students who have gone through his tests are traumatized for their entire lives.

“We can’t help it. Elder Juan Ru who was supposed to take over the test had to seclude herself because of the sudden enlightenment and is on the verge of breaking through to become a Spiritual Adept and the other elders are busy with their own work, so they had to send Elder Dong Jun”

“Sigh…I pity these poor kids. They’ll have to experience hell if they want to overcome the elder’s tests”, they sighed and looked towards the drone that was carrying the students outside the city.

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