The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care!

Chapter 368

Xu Xinduo was so embarrassed that she pushed Liu Yating and coaxed her back to the International Class.

Lou Xu came over to help Mu Qingyi tidy up his table. She sighed at the same time, “Wow, the fighting spirit of the grumpy old girl will never disappoint.”

Tong Yan was still laughing, “Yes, she was truly clamoring you for a hug. Mu Qingyi, do you want her WeChat ID? I’ll ask Duoduo to give it to you.”

Mu Qingyi waved his hands again and again, “No need for that.”

Tong Yan couldn’t help but feel lost. He really wanted Liu Yating to find a boyfriend quickly and stop pestering Xu Xinduo—he was annoyed to death with her constant bothering.

Shao Qinghe came over and helped Mu Qingyi move the table. He reached out and rubbed Mu Qingyi’s leg before asking, “Are your legs okay?”

“They’re fine……”

Shao Qinghe suddenly laughed and couldn’t stop for a long time.

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Mu Qingyi was also a little embarrassed so he whispered, “Don’t laugh.”

“It’s the first time you’ve been so close to a girl— how does it feel?”

“I don’t feel anything; I just don’t feel good about being scolded.”

Tong Yan went out and wanted to talk to Xu Xinduo, but he saw Liu Yating hugging Xu Xinduo comfortably at the door of the International Class as she even caressed her head.

Tong Yan was unhappy at the time. Standing far away, he shouted, “Liu Yating, get your hands off!”

Liu Yating didn’t care as she kept holding onto Xu Xinduo with no intention of letting go.

Tong Yan simply sprinted over as if he was in a 100-meter race.

Liu Yating was carried aside by Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo was liberated.

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Liu Yating still wasn’t satisfied. After knowing about this incident, she was angry all morning. She said to Xu Xinduo when the preparatory bell for the first period rang, “Don’t look at the forum recently, the keyboard warriors(2) at school have much to say and they’re just a bunch of idiots. But I’ll keep an eye out for you— if someone criticizes you, I’ll scold them back. I have never lost a fight, after all.”

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Tong Yan couldn’t help but scold Liu Yating, “The way you quarrel fits the lectures of the ancient times, and by the way, it only wins in terms of swearing. Your mother is a scholar, so why don’t you follow her example?”

“Why would you care?!”

When Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan were about to go back, Liu Yating grabbed the corner of Tong Yan’s clothes and said to him awkwardly, “I think Duoduo is pretending to be strong. Take care of her, okay? “

“Mmhm, I know, I will definitely treat her right.”

“Otherwise I…”

“Will blow my head off right? I know, don’t worry.”

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Liu Yating watched the two go back together and returned to the classroom. The next few classes didn’t go well as she held her mobile phone to help Xu Xinduo rant.

She did not use any form of anonymity throughout the whole process. She utilized her own name to make sure she was remembered by the students of the school to not mess with her.

Later, because this incident had gotten too big, the school had to take action as they temporarily closed the forum. A bulletin was then posted to warn students not to criticize students on campus excessively.

Among them, Liu Yating was also given a warning.

Liu Yating also became famous because of this.

Don’t provoke classmate Xu, otherwise, classmate Liu would be angry too.

Xu Xinduo and Mu Qingyi found a quiet place to chat together.

They went to the tea ceremony classroom. The decor of this classroom was relatively comfortable as it was crafted according to the designs of a retro tea house. There was also a separate small space in the classroom that students could flock to even if there were no classes in session.

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Sometimes, the school principal would even come to sit here.

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