The Story of a Crazy Miracle Doctor

The Story of a Crazy Miracle Doctor





The Story of a Crazy Miracle Doctor

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โ€œBe my man. Iโ€™d like to take you as my husband.โ€ โ€œNaughty girl! It should be me taking you as my wife!โ€ Mu Jingli, once an ace spy and miracle doctor of China, suddenly transmigrates to become a clumsy idiot who is disdained by everyone and even gets killed by her own younger sister. However, holding the Lingjun Tower in hand, she starts to practice formidable supernatural powers, do alchemy and conquer magical beasts. If you donโ€™t give in, she will definitely vanquish you. The only thing that upsets her is that how she is supposed to get the heart of the handsome demon beside her. Of course, the answer is to pick him up, hug him, and eat him~


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