Travel In Search Of Pleasure And Fun.

Travel In Search Of Pleasure And Fun.





Travel In Search Of Pleasure And Fun.

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It is My first fanfic, the mc, it will travel through different parts of the world of the universe of anime, manga, Japanese and Chinese novels, etc. Manipulative MC. MC female finder, great harem. He will not hesitate to manipulate to get the girl he wants. The protagonist complains a lot about the rest of the MCs in the other novels. He will not hesitate to sexually blackmail women that he hates or is his enemy. Lots of time jumps, I’ll try to be as accurate as possible, spelling mistakes I’ll try to correct over time. Hypocritical MC sometimes.The story begins in the real world, he is born in China, but then he is sent to Japan and grows up there. Current worlds, real world, devil 2, oregairu, avatar. He will have the ability to summon some characters from League of legends, but he will not go to that world, this fanfic will NOT focus on the world of Diablo 2, which is part of the system. This fanfic was created for self-satisfaction


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