Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 321 : World Tree’s Game (1)

Chapter 321 World Tree’s Game (1)

“Really?” Shi Yu was slightly stunned when he heard that. Then, he quickly took out his cell phone. Even the cat was no exception. It floated in the air and stared at Shi Yu’s cell phone.

The timing of the World Tournament was very irregular!!!

No one expected that they could actually catch up in their lifetime.

After all, the last time the Seven Nation Alliance organized a world competition was 20 years ago.

Moreover, in the 200 years since the establishment of the Seven Nation Alliance, the World Tournament had only been held three times.

The timing of the event was completely dependent on the mood of the World Tree. In this situation, it would be strange if the entire country didn’t explode when the news of the World Tournament suddenly appeared.

In the previous batches, because the technology was not advanced yet, the Beast Tamers had only heard of it. But this time, when they encountered it, it instantly caused a discussion among the people.

“Through the Sequence Ranking Battle, the selection of the ten strongest Beast Tamers under the age of 30 in Dong Huang will be held. Legendary Beast Tamers under the age of 30 can automatically enter the top ten. In addition, the top 100 Beast Tamers will be ranked by the officials of the Dong Huang Association according to their past battle results in major competitions such as the National League of University, the Heavenly King Cup of the Club, and the Beast Tamer Troops’ internal martial arts competition.”

“The others can register online and challenge the Beast Tamers in the rankings from scratch to increase their ranking. The higher their ranking, the richer the rewards. There are also rewards for defeating the challenger. Beast Tamers who already have rankings can also challenge higher. A year later, the ten remaining sequences will form the national team and participate in the world battle…”

“Holy shit.”

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After Shi Yu saw this news, he felt that things were not simple.

“Wow.” The gem cat’s eyes also lit up. Was the world competition coming again? It wondered if there would be a participant among the students who graduated from Ancient Capital University this time. At that time, it could also travel abroad together.

Food from abroad.

“Have you all seen the news?” The Tyrannical Sea Legend saw that many young people, including Zheng Hai, were looking at their cell phones with their heads lowered and said.

“Master, you already know?” Zheng Hai asked.

“Yes.” Legend Sea Tyrant nodded. At this moment, everyone couldn’t be bothered to eat anymore and looked at Legend Sea Tyrant.

“The situation of this world competition might be a little special. Among you, Zheng Hai, Zou Yun, there’s still some hope. If you have any thoughts, you can work hard.” In the opinion of the Tyrannical Sea Legend, if they didn’t reach the Legendary level or didn’t have the ability to fight against overlord-level creatures, they would also be sending itself to death in this World Tournament. It might not necessarily be able to return alive.

Therefore, he only suggested to Zheng Hai, the disciple of a legendary Beast Tamer under the age of 30, who was a top-notch master and could already fight against an overlord, Heavenly King Zou Yun, and his Beast Taming Space had already reached level seven. He was just short of an overlord-level pet to become a legendary Beast Tamer under the age of 30.

As for the others, they were basically ordinary masters at the fifth level of the Beast Taming Space. The difference between them and the competition criteria was too big.

“Ahhh, why is it only a year?” These people also knew. For example, White Brook looked at the date on it in pain and felt a little despair. She had just broken through to level five Beast Tamer and reached the master level less than a year ago.

The difficulty of reaching level six and level seven in the Beast Taming Space was several times higher than before. Even if there was another year, it was completely impossible.

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“Damn it.” Yu Shu, an intermediate Beast Tamer who wasn’t even 20 years old, could only watch the news and cry.

As for Yin Zhengfan, he also clenched his fists with an indignant expression. If he had been born 15 years earlier, he would have been able to catch up to this year’s World Tournament.

This was a stage to compete with all the Beast Tamers in the world.

Without knowing that the next World Tournament would be held decades later, the Beast Tamers who couldn’t participate this time might very well have no hope in their lives.

After all, the blessings of the World Tree were only effective for humans under 30 years old. Their age wouldn’t stop growing.

“Don’t think too much. The world war this time isn’t necessarily a good thing. Perhaps the totem country will also interfere and kill a winner among hundreds of super geniuses. Do you think it’s that fun?” Seeing the dissatisfaction on the faces of these young people, the Tyrannical Sea Legend smiled coldly.

His words stunned everyone. What? The totem country could also participate in the battle?!

“Wasn’t the Seven Nation Alliance the only one participating in the previous world competition?” Zou Yun and Zheng Hai asked in disbelief.

The seven countries were all in the same alliance. Although there were injuries and deaths in the battle, it was more for the sake of winning the battle. If anything happened, it was caused by a slip up. If there was no deep hatred, under the circumstances that one could crush his opponent, he wouldn’t have done it so ruthlessly.

However, the totem country and the seven-nation alliance were powers that were incompatible like fire and water. The feud had been formed from the totem battle 200 years ago, no, even longer. There was really a deep blood feud. In this situation, it could no longer be called a competition.

It was the game of the World Tree. Under the gaze of the World Tree, it was very difficult for both parties to leave the battlefield alive.

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Thinking of this, Zheng Hai and Zou Yun’s expressions changed. Even they began to seriously consider whether they were qualified to participate in this world competition.

“This rule…” White Brook, Yu Shu, and the others didn’t understand.

“No matter what, the battle of the Sequences in this country is still worth participating in. Every time the World Tree awakens, the entire Blue Planet won’t be calm. It’s a sign. The country should focus on nurturing Beast Tamers with potential next. Therefore, in this battle of the Sequences, the Dong Huang Association should invest a lot of resources. If you can achieve good results in it, even if it’s not related to the World Tournament, it’s still beneficial for you.”

“As for the Blessing of the World Tournament…” Legend Sea Tyrant shook his head and said,” It’s better not to bite off more than you can chew.”

“That’s true…” Zheng Hai and Zou Yun were still a little unwilling.

It was mainly because the blessings of the past World Trees were too fragrant.

For example, the Blessing of the World Tree could increase the pet’s understanding and learning ability and increase the development efficiency of the pet’s super skills.

For example, the Blessing of the World Tree was also equivalent to a meditation accelerator. It could allow the Beast Tamer to reach the legendary level very quickly. Legend had it that when Lin Feng participated in the World Tournament, he was only an ordinary legend. However, after becoming the champion, it only took two years to break through two levels and enter the legendary domain to become the youngest legendary Beast Tamer in the world. The World Tree Blessing was indispensable.

In addition, the Blessing of the World Tree and the effect of letting pets evolve could also increase the lifespan of Beast Tamers. The various effects were completely equivalent to giving a Beast Tamer the potential to become the strongest in the world. In this situation, which Beast Tamer wasn’t tempted?

“Ah…” Shi Yu, who was looking at the cell phone screen, became a little shark that fell into deep thought again. He looked at the World Tree Blessing effect discussed on the Internet and immediately felt a little fragrant. What he was most worried about now was the leveling speed of the Beast Taming Space. If he could get a Blessing, wouldn’t he be invincible very quickly? Of course, at the moment, the level of the Beast Taming Space seemed to be the greatest factor limiting Shi Yu’s strength. If his Beast Taming level didn’t go up, his physique wouldn’t go up, and his pet’s strength level would go up. Then, he wouldn’t have any fate with the World Tournament…

Of course…

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“To be honest, I’m not very interested in the World Tournament. The effect of the blessing… I might as well be given a Mythical cub for me to raise.” Shi Yu looked at the news and muttered to himself in his heart. With the skill index, he could become a powerful Beast Tamer sooner or later. However, Shi Yu was very interested in the World Tree itself.

The embodiment of the planet’s will… Was this thing not a Mythical life form? Didn’t people say that the mythicals had already disappeared? Therefore, did this World Tree have power or intelligence? As the embodiment of the planet’s will, could it possibly know everything that had happened to this planet in the past billions of years? For a moment, Shi Yu was suddenly extremely curious about this.

He could choose not to fight in the competition, he could choose not to receive blessings. But couldn’t he just bring a bag of melon seeds and a big watermelon to chat with the World Tree or its spokesperson and guardian?

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