Urban Perspective Medical Sage

Urban Perspective Medical Sage





Urban Perspective Medical Sage

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Xiao Chen studied medicine with his master and Shiniang since childhood. In order to cure the sick and save people, he came to the prosperous metropolis from a small mountain village. With a unique skill, Shi Chun has treated countless patients. Celebrities, white-collar workers, wealthy businessmen and dignitaries, political dignitaries and members of the royal family came here and became Xiao Chen’s doctor. What ambiguous stories will happen to all kinds of beautiful women around Ye Chen? With the decline of traditional Chinese medicine and the prevalence of Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine with great practical value is not accepted by western medicine. It is called “witchcraft”. How should Xiao Chen, who comes from traditional Chinese medicine, fight? Typhoid fever school, Qianjin school, attacking evil school, local prescription school, warming and tonifying school, febrile disease school, Huitong school and seven schools of traditional Chinese medicine. Each holds unique knowledge and gathers in big cities. Literature is no first and medicine is no second. Who is the orthodox school of traditional Chinese medicine? As a talented and diligent Xiao Chen, he gathered the unique skills of ancient Chinese medicine and the cultivation of truth and secret methods. He also had a mysterious perspective. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, there was a legend of a miracle doctor.


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